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SKY & EARTH SHIPPING WORLDWIDE S.A is a kin owned entirely dedicated dynamic company established in Haiti, headquartered at Port-au-Prince. We are a globally focused company servicing all Haitian Airports and Seaports. We are devoted to providing a total seamless international freight forwarding and logistics solutions as Freight Logistics Provider, Maritime Agency and in the trade industry as Manufacturer Agent. Incorporation a range of integrated services including.

  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Delivery Port to Port, Door to Port & Door to Door
  • Customs & Quarantine Clearance
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Consolidation & Deconsolidation
  • Pick up, inland Delivery, Inventory Management, Co-Packing, Labeling, Repacking, Weighing, and Quality Control.

We are the Architect of transport

We offer all types of containerized shipping, from less than container load LCL, TO 20’, 40’, 45’ and refrigerated containers. Our ocean shipping experts are available to provide you with the fastest quotes to all destinations across the globe, no place are off limits to S&E Shipping Worldwide S.A

Our Technology

Moving cargo proficiently is about transferring data. And, when it comes to intermodal data exchange, no one punches SKY & EARTH SHIPPING WORLDWIDE S.A. That’s the reason; the company has dedicated itself to faultless transfer of data whenever and wherever possible, with no re-entry. How could we do this? Through S&E.S.WW. S.A NET, our industry-leading data communication system, united directly into key government agencies, carriers, and all our customers, big and small. Combined with the best and the brightest staff in the industry, there is no better way to ensure that nothing ever gets lost in translation.